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Dept of Planning and Regional Development


This research unit is actively involved in education and research in the fields of analysis, planning, management and evaluation of technical, economic and social infrastructure and technology policy. The role of infrastructures and technology in achieving sustainability at the city or regional level constitutes a research interest of special importance for RUITEPOD. RUITEPOD maintains a geographical focus in the relevant challenges in Greece and the wider regions of South-Eastern Europe and the Balkans. In the international level, the unit’s research activity includes, among others, an ongoing four years’ partnership with the OMEGA Centre for Mega Projects in Transport and Development (UCL, London) to undertake research on Greek Mega Transport projects regarding their governance and performance in achieving sustainability and coping with risk and complexity. In the field of entrepreneurship and innovation, RUITEPOD has carried out a number of consulting and research projects and has also created the Unit for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MOKE) which is responsible for the entrepreneurship education and promotion across the University of Thessaly.


Selected publications

  • Loukissas, Ph. and Skayannis, P. (2001). Tourism, Sustainable Development and the Environment. In: Loukissas P., Leontidou L. and Apostolopoulos G. (eds) Mediterranean Tourism: facets of socioeconomic development and cultural change, London: Routledge.
  • Skayannis P. (2005). Greece at a Turning Point: from the construction society to the knowledge society? AESOP 2005 Annual Congress, Technische Universität Wien July 12-17.