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Institute for the Management of Information Systems - IMIS

Software Technology  Division 

Research and technology activity areas; human resources and existing infrastructure in general

“Athena” Research Center is devoted to cutting-edge R&D activities in ICT. The Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS) of “Athena” R.C. has strong focus on large scale data management for a wide range of digital resources, under a strong interdisciplinary aspect. Research at IMIS has a strong collaborative aspect and is conducted with national and international partners from industry as well as academia, often also in the context of novel and innovative projects. IMIS has already attracted funding from the European Union and from national funding agencies. IMIS has expertise in the following areas: geospatial data (GIS, location-based services, spatiotemporal data management), web data management (knowledge representation and ontologies, search methods, user personalization), eGovernment (interoperability, metadata management, privacy-preservation), scholar data (semantic annotation methods, non-linear thinking and searching tools, curation methodologies), scientific databases (large scale biological databanks, preservation technologies).

The Department of Software Technology and Development (STD) of IMIS is responsible for the development of novel software component frameworks and applications, using emerging programming paradigms and state-of-the-art design patterns. The above frameworks integrate innovative research outputs and can serve well the requirements of both the public and private sector. Its duties also include consultancy and technical support services.

IMIS currently employs 4 senior researchers, 6 postdoc researchers and 15 research associates (a total of 23 PhD or postdoctoral-level researchers), and 7 PhD students, 15 associates (a total of 22 postgraduate level researchers). IMIS also employs 2 engineers as technical staff and 3 people responsible for providing administrative support.