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Hydropolis will investigate the bidirectional relationship between urban growth and urban water infrastructure, emphasising on the effect of urban development forms on possible alternative water management technologies. The research will focus on decentralised water management technologies and solutions, such as grey water recycling, rainwater harvesting, sustainable urban drainage systems, and their combined application is going to be analysed in conjunction with urban growth and existing water infrastructure. The aim of this research is the shift from conventional urban models to a more efficient and environmentally friendly paradigm. The tools/integrated models developed for this research are going to be tested in existing urban areas for the investigation of potential benefits from the application of new technologies, as well as in the design of hypothetical new urban developments together with urban development models under appropriate environmental and socio-economic scenarios/constraints. Distributed infrastructure management is also investigated through an integrated framework employing sensor technology. The pilot application analysis aims at the development of an urban growth typology with associated water management technologies.