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This WP will disseminate the results and deliverables of the project to a wide variety of audiences. Four ways of dissemination are foreseen:

  1. The classic way of dissemination will be through Journal publications and conference presentations. In total 7 journal publications and 8 conference presentations are foreseen.
  2. To facilitate dissemination of results to a wider audience, a data-sharing platform that will also serve as the project’s web page, will be developed with the use of wikis or other open software, based on the Open Archives Initiative – Object Reuse and Exchange (OAI-ORE). The types of documents that will be stored in the platform include technical reports (11 reports), user manuals of new software products (11 new products) or prototype experimental setups (1 setup), postgraduate diploma thesis (4 theses) as well as bibliographical information, publications, etc.
  3. Postgraduate student participation in the program will be encouraged through the performance of their diploma thesis in one of the topics of the project.
  4. Finally a postgraduate seminar for engineers will be delivered by e-learning through the EDUCATE platform ( that is being managed by the Department of Water resources NTUA.