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The project comprises of 8 Work packages (WPs):

WP1 is project management ensuring timely delivery of results. WP2 investigates new distributed technologies, using existing and new pilot applications to learn how the systems perform and develops a technology database. WP3 creates a modeling tool for the total water cycle that can use the technology database to propose optimal technology configurations. WP4 investigates the socio-economic and environmental context and prerequisites for the application of such technologies while WP5 develops modeling tools that can generate scenarios of urban developments with different socio-economic characteristics. WP6 integrates the technology selection tool and the urban development tool, to look into interactions between development characteristics and distributed water management technologies. WP7 examines issues of remote monitoring and controlling the distributed infrastructure as this is expected to emerge as an important issue should such technologies be actually applied. Finally, WP8 focuses on disseminating the results in appropriate audiences.

There is a strong interaction between the different workpackages of the proposed research; these interrelationships and related information flows are presented in the diagram above.